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About Us

Chief Executive Officer & Founder  ~ Jim McNeil

Jim McNeil Private InvestigatorEXPERIENCE- CEO/Private Investigator/Security Officer/former Public Safety Officer –  Jim McNeil has worked with four police agencies over his 28-year career in the criminal justice system. He combines the knowledge of law enforcement and advanced education with tenacity. Jim has completed both basic and advanced courses in Scientific Content Analysis (S.C.A.N.), a method of determining the truth and accuracy of written and verbal communication.

PRIVACY- Jim develops an honest, private working relationship sharing the results only with you. He maintains close communication with law enforcement, judicial, and legal entities and is fully aware of what it takes to build and prove a case.

Education and Experience

  • Adjunct Instructors for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for weapons training of handguns and AR-15 assault rifles.
  • Carrier of TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) Card
  • Bachelor Degree of Science in Criminal Justice, Ferris State University
  • Deputy, Alger County Sheriff’s Department
  • Public Safety Officer, Gladstone Public Safety
  • Public Safety Officer, Escanaba Public Safety
  • Advanced Police Training Certificate, Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
  • Emergency Management Coordinator, Bay College, Escanaba, MI

Continuing Education and Achievements

  • Completion of Basic Scientific Content Analysis Training(S.C.A.N.), Lansing, Michigan
  • Completion of Advanced Scientific Content Analysis Training, Detroit, Michigan
  • Completion of the REID Technique by John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. “Interview and Interrogation” Behavior Symptom Analysis, Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques., Northern Michigan University
  • Completion of the REID Technique by John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. “Interview and Interrogation-Advanced Training “ Enhancing the Investigative Skills for Professional Investigators., Northern Michigan University
  • Completion of the REID Technique by John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. “Forensic Interviewing” Interviewing Child Abuse Cases and Obtaining Specific Information from the Suspect and Victim., Northern Michigan University
  • Completion of LSI laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, Inc by Avinoman Sapir, Study of the most effective technique available for obtaining information and detecting deception from statements of witnesses or suspects., Lansing, Michigan
  • Completion of LSI Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, Inc by Avinoman Sapir. Advanced Training. Training to further develop the S.C.A.N. process a step by step method with emphasis on categories, such as theft, homicide, assault, arson, etc., Detroit, Michigan
  • Completion of Course Requirements for Advanced Crime Scene Investigations, and Preservation of Evidence, by Agent Orlin D Lucksted, Federal Bureau Of Investigation. Identification of evidence collection and preservation of evidence by innovative techniques. Case studies and precedents by the Judicial System involving critical evidence for prosecution., Northern Michigan University
  • Completion of Police Searches, Confession, and Police Liability Training. Presented by Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, Northern Michigan University
  • Completion of “Use of Force” Management, and Judgment Shooting Scenarios by Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Northern Michigan University
  • Completion of Substance Abuse Enforcement Techniques, Identification of Narcotics, Suspects, and Presenting Evidence before the Court, Kirtland Community College
  • Basic Radar Operator, and Laser Operator Training Certification, Northern Michigan University
  • Letters of Commendation for Solving Numerous Cases using Scientific Content Analysis
  • Elks Law Enforcement Officer of the Year – 2012, Escanaba, Michigan
  • Michigan State University, School of Criminal Justice completion of course requirements for training in “White-collar crime in the private sector”. Lansing, Michigan. School of Criminal Justice Dr. Robert Trojanowicz.
  • Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice lifelong education programs advanced training in criminal law and procedures- Lansing, Michigan.
  • Northern Michigan University public safety institute for completion of advanced law enforcement training. Northern Michigan University.
  • State of Michigan Department of State Police, and the Michigan commission on law enforcement standards. ” Advanced law enforcement training certificate” Lansing, Michigan.
  • Jan 2016 Firearms proficiency certified.  Training and certification course.  Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.
  • Feb 2016 Tactical Rifle instructor training for security officers.  Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.
  • July 2016 Pistol and Tactical Rifle Training for instructors.  Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Over 80 hours of highly specialized training approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Chief Operations Officer & K-9 Handler ~ Molly Barron

Chief Operations Officer & K-9 Handler ~ Molly BarronSKILLED PROFESSIONAL – COO/Private Investigator/Security Officer/K9 Handler/former Social Worker –  Molly Barron earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work from Northern Michigan University after completing a semester-long internship at the Marquette General Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.  She was promptly hired after graduation by community mental health and served 14 years as a state-licensed social worker in the mental health arena.   As a qualified and seasoned behavioral scientist, Molly possesses a unique skill set that enhances the capabilities she brings to the private investigative field. Her comprehensive social science background gives her critical thinking skills to read people and her communication expertise is a valuable asset in interviewing and interrogation.  As a behavioral scientist, she successfully interacted with a diverse spectrum of clients in various cognitive and emotional states. With her education and work experience combined with ongoing investigative and security training, Molly is well equipped, knowledgeable, and offers a versatile ability to support client requirements.

NATIVE “Yooper”- Molly was born and raised in the U.P. and understands the special living and working environment, and the challenges associated with life in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

TRUSTWORTHY- Molly possesses a natural ability to connect with people and is trustworthy with confidential information. Problem solving and performance under pressure are two of her strongest and most noteworthy assets. Molly understands the importance of accurate information gathering to assist in both civil and criminal investigations, has excellent report writing skills, and is experienced testifying in court.

Education, Training, and Achievements

  • May 1995 – 2000 ~ earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work from Northern Michigan University, minors in human behavior and social policy analysis. Internship completed at Marquette General Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
  • 2000 – 2014 ~ Supports Coordinator for adults with developmental disabilities and/or severe mental illness at Pathways Community Mental Health in Escanaba, MI.  Maintained Michigan social work state license throughout social work career completing hundreds of hours of continuing education credits
  • 2015  ~ “Forensic Interviewing”  Child Abuse Cases and Obtaining Specific Information from the Suspect and Victim training
  • April 2015 – present ~ awarded Private Detective license in Wisconsin through the Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • 2015 ~ Completion of REID Technique by John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. “Interview and Interrogation” Behavior Symptom Analysis, Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques.,“ Interview and Interrogation-Advanced Training “ Enhancing the Investigative Skills for Professional Investigators”
  • Jan 2016 ~ Firearms proficiency certified.  Training and certification course for semi-automatic weapons at  Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Feb 2016 ~ Tactical Rifle instructor training for security officers at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • July 2016 ~ Pistol and Tactical Rifle Training for instructor certification at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Over 80 hours of highly specialized training approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • August 2017 – present ~ Defense tactic instructor training levels 1 & 2 through Controlled F.O.R.C.E.
  • Sept 2017 – present ~ National Association of Professional Canine Handlers (NAPCH)- Certificate of Achievement in Explosive Detection with K9 Delta
  • April 2018 ~ Appointment of Special Deputy ~ Menominee County Sheriff – Explosive Detection/K9
  • Sept 2018 ~ NAPCH & Oakland Police K9 Academy ~ Explosive Awareness Class & K9 Workshop in addition to ongoing K9 training at the industry standard

Private Investigator Anthony LaPlant

EXPERIENCE – Private Investigator Anthony LaPlant is a former law enforcement Detective Sergeant that retired after approximately 19 years in the field, and 22 years overall within the criminal justice system. During his professional law enforcement career, he was able to conceptualize and orchestrate investigative techniques that effectively identified and combated technology, financial, and fraud-related crimes, along with maintaining a caseload of other serious felony crimes.

Anthony is able to independently conduct extremely complex, difficult, and highly sensitive investigations. He can also assist you and advise on the proper acquisition, investigation, and interpretation of digital evidence. He has previously been qualified as an expert witness by various courts on topics including; computer forensics, mobile device forensics, and narcotics.


  • Detective Sergeant – Escanaba Public Safety Detective Sergeant – 09/2008-08/2018
  • Public Safety Officer – Escanaba Public Safety Officer – 08/2008-09/2008
  • Narcotics Detective – Michigan State Police UPSET Narcotics Team – 08/2005-08/2008
  • Public Safety Officer – Escanaba Public Safety Officer – 03/2000-08/2005


  • 2017 – “Introduction to Cellular Investigations”
  • National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) – Fairmont, West Virginia
  • 2014 – “Mobile Device Examiner
  • United States Secret Service – National Computer Forensics Institute, Hoover, AL.

Industry Certifications Received:

  • (1) Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO)
  • (2) AccessData Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+)
  • 2012 – “Using the Internet as an Investigative Tool
  • Dera Forensics Group, LLC, Macomb, MI.
  • 2011 – “Basic Investigation of Computers and Electronic Crimes Program
  • United States Secret Service – National Computer Forensics Institute, Hoover, AL.
  • 2009 – “ImageScan System Operator
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation – Computer Analysis Response Team, Marquette, MI.
  • 2007 – “9th Annual Computer Crimes Symposium
  • Regional Computer Forensics Group at George Mason University – Fairfax, VA.
  • 2007 – “Computer Forensics Examiner
  • Eastern Michigan University Center for Regional & National Security – Ypsilanti, MI.


  • Computer Forensic & Mobile Device Examination Training: 417 Hours
  • Computer Forensic Examinations – 2007 through 2018: > 100
  • Mobile Device Examinations – 2014 through 2018: 553
  • Criminal cases have been generated from my digital forensics work that has resulted in numerous criminal convictions within both the state and federal court levels.
  • Qualified as an expert witness in the computer and mobile forensics field by the 47th Circuit Court, Delta County, Michigan.
  • Qualified as an expert witness in the computer forensics field by the 41st Circuit Court, Iron County, Michigan


  • 2018 – Social Security Administration – Regional Commissioners Citation
  • 2016 – Marine Corps League U.P. Detachment #444 – Toys for Tots Plaque of Appreciation
  • 2014 – Escanaba Elks Lodge #354 – Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  • 2008 – Michigan State Police Professional Excellence Award
  • 2008 – Federal Bureau of Investigation Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2008 – Federal Bureau of Investigation Indian Country Unit Citation

Private Investigator Ronald Koski

EXPERIENCE – Detective Sergeant Ronald Koski retired after 28 years with the Michigan State Police. He worked the past 16 years as a Detective Sergeant with the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team and has extensive drug enforcement experience.


As a Team Leader on U.P.S.E.T., his responsibilities included (1) supervising the day to day operations of the undercover officers; (2) supervise and act as property room manager; (3) supervising and coordinating covert investigations; (4) acting as a liaison between the Team and local law enforcement agencies and; (5) ensuring and maintaining training for the team members.


As a Team Leader, he had taken part in, or supervised, over 3,000 narcotics investigations, over 200 search warrants, and the arrest of approximately 1,500 persons. He had been a case officer or supervised over 50 narcotics investigations that have been prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office.


As the 8th District Methamphetamine Team Coordinator, Ronald’s responsibilities included; (1) supervising and coordinating the investigation of methamphetamine-related activities within the 8th District with the DEA, Michigan State Police and local police, fire, and public safety departments; (2) maintaining and supplying Response Team equipment; (3) supervising response operations; (4) implementing site-specific safety plans that comply with MSP, DEA, and OSHA guidelines and regulations; (5) acting as a clan lab responder and or site safety officer when needed; (6) conducting annual re-certification and; (7) teaching Methamphetamine Awareness classes for law enforcement, medical, fire and other professionals.


Ronald took part in over 200 methamphetamine investigations while assigned to U.P.S.E.T.; provided expert/opinion testimony regarding the process of manufacturing methamphetamine, the components, materials, and chemicals associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine; and drafted several search warrants related to trafficking and manufacturing of methamphetamine.


He has testified as an expert witness in U.S. Federal Court, County District Courts, and County Circuit Courts. He also testified in cases in several different counties Probate Courts.


  • 04/2017 – TruNarc refresher training
  • 02/2014 – TruNarc operator training – Thermo Scientific
  • 08/2013 – DEA Clan Lab Tactical Entry training
  • 05/2013 – Methamphetamine Investigative Training – Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • 09/2012 – Prescription Drug Training for Law Enforcement
  • 06/2011 – Methamphetamine Conspiracy Investigative Training – Bureau of Justice
  • 07/2009 – Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training on Drugs In America
  • 03/2008 – Michigan Civil Controlled Substance Forfeiture Class
  • 04/2007 – DEA/MSP Indoor Cannabis Grow School
  • 05/2007 – Pharmaceutical Diversion Investigation Training
  • 05/2007 – DEA Methamphetamine Site Safety Course
  • 10/2002 – DEA Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratory Responder Course
  • 08/1998 – Michigan State Police Field Training Officer Course
  • 10/1997 – Michigan State Police Evidence Technician Course
  • 08/1995 – Michigan State Police Raid Entry School
  • 06/1995 – Michigan State Police Advanced Narcotics School
  • 04/1995 – Michigan State Police Basic Narcotics School
  • 05/1995 – PPCT/Defense Tactics Instructor Course
  • 01/1990 – Michigan State Police 107th Trooper Recruit

Private Investigator Vernon Peterson

EXPERIENCE– Lieutenant Vernon Peterson retired after 33 years with the Michigan State Police. He specialized in hostage negotiations and polygraph examinations.


  • Polygraph Examiner / Intern Supervisor / Instructor – Michigan State Police  1986 – 2004
  • Polygraph Examiner – Michigan State Police  1978 – 2001
  • Hostage Negotiator – Michigan State Police  1981 – 1986
  • Polygraph Intern – Michigan State Police  1977 – 1978
  • State Police Trooper – Michigan State Police  1971 – 1977


  • Michigan State University – Bachelor of Science Degree (Criminal Justice)  1971
  • Michigan State Police 80th Recruit School  1972
  • U.S. Army Polygraph School  1977
  • Extensive Continuing Education (Listing provided upon request)  1977 – Present


  • Licensed Private Examiner – State Board of Forensic Polygraph Examiners
  • Retired Michigan State Police Lieutenant – 33 years of service with 28 years polygraph experience
  • Computer Polygraph Instrument
  • Numerically Scores Polygrams
  • Uses APA Certified Scoring Methods, Standards and Techniques
  • D/Lt. Experience has included conducting polygraph examinations at the Forensic Crime Laboratory in Marquette for Upper Peninsula law enforcement agencies as well as requests from Eastern Wisconsin agencies; training and supervising new polygraph examiners; supervising the Grayling Polygraph Unit; participating as a guest instructor in Criminal Justice classes and N.M.U and presenting an Interview / Interrogation Class to Upper Peninsula law enforcement agencies; and assuming responsibility as Acting Laboratory Director in his / her absence.


  • American Polygraph Association
  • Michigan Association of Polygraph Examiners
  • American Association of Police Polygraphists

If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Private Investigator Darren Foulker

Darren Foulker is a 31 year veteran of Law Enforcement, starting his career by entering the US Army Military Police and retiring from the Rockford Illinois Police Department. During his career, he attended numerous Police Training Academies and assigned to many specialized units.


In 1986, Darren enlisted in the US Army Military Police (MP). He was promoted to Sergeant after 3 years and elevated to Investigations.  He attended Military Police Training and Investigator Training at Ft. McClellan Alabama.

Upon exiting Military Service, Darren was employed by the Macon Police Department in Macon Georgia.  He became a Georgia Certified Peace Officer and successfully completed the City of Macon Police Academy.  Darren worked patrol duties and was a member of the Special Crimes Apprehension Team (S.C.A.T) that patrolled public housing areas of the city. While he was a member of the Macon Police Department, he continued his Military Service by enlisting in the US Air Force (Air Guard) Security Police.

In 1997, Darren accepted a position with the Rockford Illinois Police Department. He attended Police Training Institute (PTI) at the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana and completed the City of Rockford Police Academy.

A 20-year career with the Rockford Police Department consisted of Patrol duties, Field Training Officer, K-9 Agitator, a member of the Illinois Law Enforcement Activation System (ILEAS) regional team and Detective.

Darren was promoted to Detective and assigned to the General Case unit focusing on Financial Crimes investigating Cyber Crimes, Retail Theft, Criminal Damage to Property and Financial Exploitation of the elderly. A selected member of the Winnebago County Integrity Task Force that investigated officer-involved use of Deadly Force and a certified lead homicide investigator.

Darren’s final 3 years were spent assigned to the Winnebago County Violent Crimes Task Force focusing on Violent Gang Crimes and Drugs.  In 2015 the Rockford Field Office of the FBI had taken control of the task force resulting in Darren being attached to the FBI until his retirement in 2017.

Since retirement, Darren had moved to the U.P. and continues to be active in the community as he is currently the Commander of American Legion Post 71 in Gladstone.


FBI Violent Crime Task Force with a Top Secret Security Clearance
Lead Homicide Investigator – Illinois Certified
Winnebago County Integrity Task Force: Officer-Involved Deadly Force
Cook County Retail Organized Crime (CCROC) – Prior Member
Northern Illinois Financial Crime Investigations (NIFCI) – Prior Member
Reid Interview and Interrogation Techniques: In-Service Training
Wicklow Interview and Interrogation Techniques: In-Service Training
Crime Scene Shooting Recreation: Northwestern University


(NAPO) – Honorable Mention Top Cop of Illinois
Illinois Law Enforcement – Medal of Honor
City of Rockford – Medal of Valor
Illinois Police Association – Life-Saving Award
PBPA – Honorable Mention Officer of the Year
City of Rockford – Exceptional Service Award


Darren got his work ethics growing up in a small rural southern Wisconsin farming community. He spent his career in the service of others. He always followed the facts.  His honesty, dedication, and integrity are just a few qualities he has demonstrated time and time again in a 31-year law enforcement career. That could be why he is the most decorated officer in the Rockford Police Department’s history.

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