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Criminal Defense Investigator

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The importance of a Upper Peninsula criminal defense investigator is to give you an ace in the hole for your defense team in legal matters. With the experience of Delta Force P.I., LLC we can track down the evidence you need, obtaining potential witnesses, and get taped interviews to win your case.

When the police department is done investigating it is the criminal defense investigator’s job to validate and verify their work by reviewing and verifying all of the evidence, talk to all of the witnesses, and review and gather statements to be used in court.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to get what you need for your court case. Knowledgeable in: bloodstains, human anatomy, serums, photography, surveillance, locating records, how to conduct interviews, crime scene reconstruction/layout and much more.

Letting Your Criminal Defense Investigator Build a Strong Case

Don’t rely on just the police investigation to gather all the facts. Through our independent investigation, we can help you build a strong case by gathering as much evidence and information as possible. Our skilled and experienced team will perform surveillance and use other methods to collect true facts and strong evidence for your case.

Support Your View

The interpretation of evidence and facts related to a case is often largely a matter of perspective. When it comes to perspective, you can trust our investigation services to gather evidence that supports your assessment of the situation.

Search for Real Information

Don't Let Them Escape Justice

Are you afraid someone may get away without standing trial? If a defendant has failed to appear for a court hearing or seems to be missing, contact us. The skilled Delta Force P.I., LLC team and our skip tracing services will help lead you to the truth. Let a criminal defense investigator find you what is needed for trial.

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