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Delta Force PI LLC of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan provides a wide range of services throughout the region.  Do you need to uncover the truth?  Are you look for solutions?  We provide professional private security services for the entire UP.  We also can accommodate a myriad of investigative services that include the following:

Upper Michigan Child Custody Investigations -
Are you in a battle to save a child?  Are you trying to find the evidence needed to prove neglect, drug use, or child abuse?  Delta Force PI, LLC of the UP can help you navigate through this type of situation.  Our team of experts have experience in child custody investigations and know the steps that are needed to help you through this type of struggle… Learn more

Upper Peninsula Infidelity Investigations
Couple's relationships are built upon love and trust.  When one grows suspicious and you believe that trust has been broken, you can find answers.  While your suspicions may be unfounded, don’t automatically assume that they are - answers are needed. The Michigan court of appeals has allowed the court to give authority and divide the party’s assets in a disproportionate manner if one of the parties are at fault in the breakup… Learn more

UP Background Checks
Are you an employer worried about the ethics or background of an employee?  Are you thinking about entering a new relationship - but something is nagging at you?  Do you need to know more about someone that is in your inner circle?  Do you need to find out if they are telling the truth about their past… Learn more

UP Workman's Compensation
Upper Peninsula Workman's Compensation can being a difficult situation for any employer.  Give us a call and schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can guide you through making important decisions in your case. We can even help you find an attorney that fits your budget.… Learn more

Upper Peninsula Criminal Defense Investigator
If you are in a situation that needs resolution, please reach out to us, your UP Criminal Defense Investigator.  Don’t rely on just the police investigation to gather all the facts. Are you afraid someone may get away without standing trial? If a defendant has failed to appear for a court hearing or seems to be missing, contact us.… Learn more

UP Truth Verification
S.C.A.N. is the most effective method available today for solving… Learn more

"Integrity through and through. If it is personal to you, it is personal to them. To find people that care that much in this world is hard to come by. Delta Force PI is outstanding." — Maggie West, 2018

Upper Peninsula Security Services

Delta Force P.I., LLC is a private, woman-owned, licensed and insured local company that provides protective security services with professionally trained employees that are hand-picked.  Our team provides the following types of security services:

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