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Delta Force P.I., LLC

Escanaba Professional Background Checks 

Background Checks - Cost Effective, In Depth, & Real-Time!

Our Escanaba Michigan Background Checks utilize the most in-depth national resources that are available to private investigators.  Do you need to learn about about a person before hiring or allowing them into your circle of friends?  Sometimes we need to listen to our gut feelings and find out the truth about someone.  We can customize any background check to suit your needs.  Please do not trust cheap online services that give you old database information.  Our inexpensive analysis can help you make good decisions whether you are an employer, concerned about a love interest or simply worried about someone that wants to be your friend.

10 Big Reasons for a Background Check:

  1. Reduction of criminal activity in your life
  2. Avoid abusive individuals
  3. Check employee for past thefts
  4. Verification of a job application credentials
  5. Protects your family - especially children
  6. Protects your employees from coworkers that may want to do harm
  7. Screen potential tenants
  8. Avoid fraud
  9. Protection of your customers
  10. New neighbors that are showing signs of criminal activity

This type of service is what makes Upper Michigan's Delta Force PI, LLC stand out from the rest!

  • We can work with deadlines and tell where the information originated.
  • We can work with deadlines and tell where the information originated.
  • If you discover that you need more than just a background check we can provide you with additional services.
  • You can expect a full report on our findings and will explain it to you fully.
  • We do our backgrounds and evaluations in person instead of handing you a computer-generated database printout. 

Quick, secure, and reliable service provided for you on our tiered pricing packages. Visit our "Reasons to Have a UP Background Check" for more information regarding reasons for this service. Feel free to contact us and we will do custom research that fits your needs. 


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