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Influence and Control
Information gives you influence and control. Are you being faced with a difficult situation? Maybe you suspect an employee of fraudulent or even criminal behavior. Or maybe you are looking for a missing person or a criminal who has attempted to escape justice. Put your confidence in our Green Bay Wisconsin Investigation Services to find information that gives you control over the situation.

Know What You Need To
Your employees are the core of your business. If you suspect dishonesty or damaging actions, you need to act fast. Options offered: employee investigations include investigation for drug use, theft, fraud, sexual harassment, and workers’ compensation fraud.

"Great people, they really care. Professional with integrity. They did an outstanding job for me, I would hire them again!" — Julie H., Four Square Reviews

"Integrity through and through. If it is personal to you, it is personal to them. To find people that care that much in this world is hard to come by. Delta Force PI is outstanding." — Maggie West, 2018

Trust Our Skilled Investigation Services

  • Accident, Background, Corporate, Civil, Criminal, Fraud, & Financial Investigations
  • Asset Locations
  • Green Bay Child Support & Custody Investigations
  • Collateral Recovery
  • Domestic
  • Due Diligence, Internal Theft, & Unethical Conduct
  • Investigate Illegal Drug Activities
  • Insurance
  • Interviews for Trial Preparation
  • Interviews including “SCAN” – Scientific Content Analysis
  • Missing Persons, Heirs, & Runaways
  • Nursing Home Investigations
  • People Locate / Skip Trace
  • Potential Workplace Violence
  • Process Service
  • Record Searches
  • Surveillance & Video
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Vulnerability Threat Assessments
  • Green Bay Workers Compensation Investigation
  • Computer Forensics
  • Green Bay Security Services
  • Michigan license (3701-206544), Wisconsin license(s) *Detective McNeil**Detective Barron*
Delta Force P.I. offers services in Green Bay Wisconsin for Child Custody investigation.

Child Custody Investigations

Divorce and child custody fights are two of the most emotionally trying situations you can face. When you are entangled in this type of struggle, it is essential to have as much information as much... Learn more

Delta Force P.I. offers services in Green Bay Wisconsin for Infidelity Investigations.

Infidelity Investigations

Being in a relationship with another person is all about trust. When you feel that trust has been violated by your spouse or partner cheating, you could be dealing with a wide range of emotions... Learn more

Delta Force P.I. offers Background Check services in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Background Checks

The licensed private investigators of Delta Force P.I., LLC have the resources to provide the most detailed background checks relevant to your requests, let us help you find out important information.... Learn more

Delta Force P.I. offers Workman's Compensation investigative services in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Workman's Compensation

In order to utilize the workman’s compensation program in your workplace, your employees are obligated to follow certain instructions, including limitation of work activities.  If you suspect... Learn more

Delta Force P.I. provides Criminal Defense Investigator services in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Criminal Defense Investigator

Don’t rely on just the police investigation to gather all the facts. Through independent investigation, we can help you build a strong case by gathering as much evidence and information as possible... Learn more

Delta Force P.I. provides Truth Verification services in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Truth Verification

SCAN is the most effective truth verification available today for solving a case. The SCAN technique is now being used by federal, law enforcement, and military agencies throughout the U.S., Canada... Learn more

"The Team at Delta Force PI is impeccable and their skills are worth every dollar.  If you need any type of service document needs investigative services or anything in the realm the team at Delta Force should be the ALPHA go to in any of these situations.  They did an amazing job with my requests and I would suggest them to anyone needing their services."  —  C. Ceravolo, Google Reviews, 5 Stars

"I hired Delta Force PI for a Investigation. They did exactly what they said I was very happy. I would hire them again. A+ company."  —  J. Reed, Google Reviews, 5 Stars

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