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Delta Force P.I., LLC

Northern Wisconsin Investigation Services & Security Services

Delta Force PI LLC of the Northern Wisconsin provides a wide range of services for investigations and security.   Are you look for real solutions?  We provide professional private security services for the entire Northern WI region.  We also can accommodate a myriad of investigation services that include the following:

WI Child Custody Investigations
Going through a divorce is a trying time for all families.  It is almost certain that it will be followed up with a battle for child custody.  These are two of the most emotionally times a family can face. When you are entangled in this type of struggle, it is essential to have the know how on how to proceed, that is where our Northern WI Investigative Services can help… Learn more

WI Infidelity Investigations
Being in a relationship with another person is all about trust and if you are questioning this trust, it's time to act. Let our Private Infidelity Investigation Services find the evidence that is needed to prove your case. Give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can explain how our investigation can give you peace of mind… Learn more

WI Background Checks
Have you met new people that don't seem to be telling the truth.  Are you an employer that is need of more information about an employee.  Do you need to know more about someone?  We do our backgrounds and evaluations in person instead of handing you a computer-generated database printout. Tell us what you are looking for and we will customize our background check to match your needs… Learn more

WI Workman's Compensation
Need a Workman’s Compensation Investigator? Look to us to help ensure you are paying claims only for those who truly need it.  In order to utilize the workman’s compensation program in your workplace, your employees are obligated to… Learn more

WI Criminal Defense Investigator
Don’t rely on just the police investigation to gather all the facts. Through our independent investigation, we can help you build a strong case by gathering as much evidence and information as possible… Learn more

WI Truth Verification
S.C.A.N. is the most effective method available today for solving… Learn more

"Great service by a dedicated, professional team. If you are looking to hire private security for an event or are in need of top notch investigators, I would not hesitate to recommend this company!"  —  Shayne D. 1/8/2019

Northern Wisconsin Security Services

Our Northern Wisconsin Security Services are outstanding and provide many types of security. We provide professional private security services for the entire Northern WI region.  We also can accommodate a myriad of investigative services that include, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Bank Security Officer, Corporate Security, Security Services for Events, Executive Security, Northern WI Hospital Professional Security Services, Metropolitan Professional Security Services, Security Guard Services, Mining Security Services, Maritime Security Services

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