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Manistique MI Child Custody Investigations
Whether you are dealing with a past spouse who is attempting to get a high alimony judgment based on mistaken information, or the worry that your child is in danger, ensure your side of the story is told with our strong, accurate evidence using our child custody investigationsLearn more

Infidelity Investigations
Being in a relationship with another person is all about trust. When you feel that trust has been violated by your spouse or partner cheating, you could be dealing with a wide range of emotions.  “Don’t ignore your suspicion let us validate your intuitions.”  Put your trust in our unique, dedicated approach that makes us one of the most effective investigators available… Learn more

Background Checks
We provide you with up-to-date background information instead of the outdated information provided by so-called background verification experts. Avoid the cheap online services that will take your money and provide you with old, outdated database information. Our quick, cost-effective, and in-depth investigations provide you with the most up-to-date information in real-time… Learn more

Workman's Compensation
Are you an employer with worries that your workman's Compensation program is being used fraudulently?  Too often, employers are being taken advantage of – leading to high costs for the company owner. Look to us to help ensure you are paying claims only for those who truly need it… Learn more

Criminal Defense Investigator
When the police department is done investigating it is the criminal defense investigator’s job to validate and verify their work by reviewing and verifying all of the evidence, talk to all of the witnesses, and review and gather statements to be used in court… Learn more

Truth Verification
The SCAN technique is now being used by federal, law enforcement, and military agencies throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Some other industries that are using this technique include bank and insurance investigators, the private sector, social service professionals, rights officers, and child protective service caseworkers.… Learn more

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Manistique Michigan Security Services

Not only are we the only ones available in the U.P. but our training, great uniforms, and equipment are better than the competition. We also have training in threat assessments for schools, colleges, business, etc. which includes active shooter training. We can deploy security cameras instantly and monitor them remotely for added protection with our team.

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