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Delta Force PI, LLC played a key role in this investigation.  Episode, "Where Monsters Hide" Premiers June 16th, 2023 — Kelly, Cochran, serial killer!

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ABC's 2020 Episode

ABC's 2020 Premiere, Broadcasting June 16th, 2023, Episode, "Where Monsters Hide"
Delta Force P.I., LLC will be featured in an upcoming ABC's 2020 Episode, "Where Monsters Hide" to be airing on June 16th, 2023.  Have you ever heard of a "suicide pact"?  Kelly and her husband made a horrifying "oath" to each other during their relationship.  They agreed to kill any individual that either of them may have an affair with. 

Jason Cochran and his wife Kelly moved to the Iron River, MI area in 2014.  There she met Chris Regan at her workplace.  She had an affair with him and soon afterwards, Chris Regan went missing. 

This was just the start to a lengthy investigation that includes murder, cannibalism, dismemberment, the eventual homicide of the husband, and the possibility of more killings - yet to be determined  The case is terrifying and we played a key role in "catching a killer".  Delta Force P.I., LLC will be featured as one of the successful investigative components on ABC's 2020 on June 16th, 2023.  Follow us along this journey that many believe to be, "the path of a serial killer".

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