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"Integrity through and through. If it is personal to you, it is personal to them. To find people that care that much in this world is hard to come by. Delta Force PI is outstanding." — Maggie West, 2018

Good solid information and evidence is the key that gives you influence and control.  If you are in need of our Escanaba, MI Investigative Services, we can help you face any difficult situation.  Maybe you suspect an employee of fraudulent or even criminal behavior.  Or maybe you are looking for a missing person, let the team here at Delta Force PI, LLC help.

Escanaba Child Custody Investigations
Whether you are dealing with a past spouse who may be attempting to get a high amount of alimony judgment - based on mistaken information, or the worry that your child is in danger, ensure your side of the story is told with our strong, accurate evidence using our child custody investigations. Play it smart, let Delta Force PI, LLC get the evidence you need with video footage surveillance, investigations, recorded interviews, etc. You will be more in control and can take it to an Escanaba, MI attorney (we provide a package for you to present to the attorney) to win your case… Learn more

Infidelity Investigations
Being in a relationship with another person is all about trust. When you feel that trust has been violated by your spouse or partner cheating, you could be dealing with a wide range of emotions.  Making decisions about the future of a relationship is never easy. When those decisions are based solely on suspicion, it may seem hopeless… Learn more

Background Checks
Do you need to know more about someone?  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a background check from a full-service private investigator that can bring its national resources and experience to you?  We do our backgrounds and evaluations in person instead of handing you a computer-generated database printout. Your children’s safety comes to mind for all parents. If you have questions about a new caregiver, coach, suspicious neighbor, or someone you are dating you can have a background check done to find out if they ‘check out’ and give yourself peace of mind.  Tell us what you are looking for and we will customize our background check to match your needs… Learn more

Workmans Compensation
In order to utilize the workman’s compensation program in your workplace, your employees are obligated to follow certain instructions, including limitation of work activities. If you suspect these rules aren’t being followed, give us a call and let us gather the proof.  Give us a call and schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can guide you through making important decisions in your case. We can even help you find an attorney that fits your budget… Learn more

Criminal Defense Investigator
The interpretation of evidence and facts related to a case is often largely a matter of perspective. When it comes to perspective, you can trust our investigation services to gather evidence that supports your assessment of the situation… Learn more

Truth Verification
S.C.A.N. is the most effective method available today for solving… Click to Read More

Escanaba Michigan Security Services

Our Delta Force PI, LLC team is there to recognize situations so that we can diffuse situations BEFORE they happen and to respond quickly and professionally when incidents do occur. Our professional security services team are handpicked, rigorously screened, and extensively trained.  We have highly trained guards for all of the following areas of need:

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