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Iron Mountain, MI Investigations and Security

Elevating Safety & Truth for Iron Mountain, Michigan

Delta Force PI, LLC investigation services and security services the Iron Mountain, MI area.   We have the knowledge and experience to get what you need for your court case.  Our team can also provide Security Services that can be customized to fit your needs.

Child Custody Investigations
Divorce and child custody fights are two of the most emotionally trying situations you can face. Whether you are dealing with a past spouse who is attempting to get a high alimony judgment based on mistaken information, or you are worried that your child is in danger, ensure your side of the story is told.  If you are facing this type of situation, give us a call. Let our experienced investigators gather the materials needed to restore care… Learn more

Infidelity Investigations
Being in a relationship with another person is all about trust. Making decisions about the future of a relationship is never easy. When those decisions are based solely on suspicion, they are even more difficult.  When you feel that trust has been violated by your spouse or partner cheating, you can find resolve with Delta Force PI, LLC… Learn more

Background Checks
Do you need to know more about someone? Do you get an uneasy feeling when someone new is entering your life and telling you their past?  Do you need to find out if they are telling misleading you and trying to gain your trust?  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a background check from a full-service private investigator that can bring its national resources and experience to you?… Learn more

Workman's Compensation
Too often, the workman's compensation program has been taken advantage of – leading to high costs for the you, the employer. Look to us to help make sure that you are paying claims only for those who truly need it.  We offer, surveillance, authenticity of the extent of injuries, video evidence of actual physical abilities of the worker, and more… Learn more

Criminal Defense Investigator
The Delta Force PI team has the knowledge and experience to get what you need for your court case. We are knowledgeable in bloodstains, human anatomy, serums, photography, surveillance, locating records, how to conduct interviews, crime scene reconstruction/layout and much more… Learn more

Truth Verification
S.C.A.N. is the most effective method available today for solving… Click to Read More

"I found Delta Force to be a top-notch Private Security Company with very experienced Private Investigators utilizing some of the latest technologies. They often employ former law enforcement officers and military veterans. They offer fantastic training to their employees and care about the people they employ. I have recommended their services numerous times without complaints from those I recommended and only received praise." — Bradley M. 11/27/2018

Iron Mountain Michigan Security Services

Delta Force PI, LLC provides security services for the Iron Mountain area.   Our team can provide customized security for the following:  Armed Security & Unarmed Security, Bank Security Officer, Corporate Security, Security Services for Events, Executive Security, Hospital Professional Security Services, Metropolitan Professional Security Services, Security Guard Services, Mining Security Services, & Maritime Security Services

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